Hi I'm Hushfield, a Belgian Street Fighter V player. I started playing in January 2018 with the launch of Arcade Edition. I fell in love with the competition, started watching tournaments and wanted to improve my game. I mainly play shoto characters. I started out playing Ryu, as he's supposedly a good character to learn the basics of the game without acquiring any bad habits. After about 6 months and a little over 1000 matches I made it to Silver league with Ryu. Now I'm starting the journey again with Akuma.

I play to improve and am always looking for like-minded people to play sets with or hang out at Twitch.tv.

Articles and Tutorials

While learning to play Ryu, I made a document listing a collection of easy-to-perform combos for beginners. You can find it here:
Easy Ryu Combos for Rookie and Bronze
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やっと@daigothebeast の「勝ち続ける意思力」を見つけた。超嬉しいよ。日本の国宝の一つを手に入れた気がする。 I finally found a copy of Daigo's "The Will to Keep Winning". So happy about this! It's like I managed to sneak one of Japan's cultural treasures into my hand luggage :) #streetfighter #sfv #daigo #fightinggames #fgc

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Studio Sky is the beating heart of high-level SFV in Tokyo. @chocoblanka and Momochi organize weekly events here, usually on Friday. Hidden away on the 4th floor of an unassuming building near Otsuka Station is a studio with a bunch of SFV setups and this awesome wall of fame. I was in the neighbourhood during #evo2018 so unfortunately none of the players were there, but if you're ever in Tokyo on a Friday night, make sure to check them out. #streetfighter #sfv #sfvae #fightinggames #fgc #japan #tokyo #日本 #東京

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Hey Arcade in Akihabara, Tokyo still has an active playerbase in USF4, 3S and ST. Unlike most arcades in Japan they have an entire floor dedicated to fighting games. At least 30 people were playing streetfighter matches and a dozen more were spectating. If you want the arcade experience (including trashtalk and pop-offs) this is one of the best places to go in Tokyo. #streetfighter #usf4 #fightinggames #fgc #arcadegames #arcade #japan #tokyo #日本 #東京 #秋葉原 #アキバ

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Casuals at Shot Bar Lucy's in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. You can play here most nights of the week, but especially on Fridays and Sundays a lot of SFV players show up. They also stream local tournaments and have a USF4 and a Tekken 7 station. The locals are quite strong (platinum-grandmaster), super friendly and more than willing to play sets with players of all levels. #streetfighter #sfv #fightinggames #fgc #japan #tokyo #日本 #東京

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