SC2 Streamer Highlight: DeMusliM

DeMusliM largeBenjamin Baker, aka DeMusliM, aka The Devil Terran has been a part of SC2 since its inception. He was a staple in the earliest tournaments, but he’s been focusing on streaming more than tournament play for the last few years. He was recently picked up by team Wind and Rain, though, so maybe we might see him at more tournaments again?

His stream is super fun to watch, he’s often memeing around with his viewers and on more than one occasion I’ve seen him facetime other pros to have a beer together. Support Benjamin, drop by at the stream. You might even see him break out the ol’ sunglasses:

DeMusliM will be at IEM Katowice 2018, but he got paired with Stats in the first round. Here’s what he had to say about that:  

SC2 Build – TvP – SpeCial’s Ghost Rush


During the Corsair Cup S11 Round 3, 2017’s breakout Terran SpeCial played a proxy ghost rush into double cyclone cheese build in his series vs DnS.

Venipenny posted the following build on Spawning Tool: SpeCial proxy ghost into cyclone followup (TvP Cheese).

special ghost rushAnalysis:
This is a cheese build. You will be behind in economy and have to deal a lot of damage to be even in the midgame. Ideally, you just deal game-ending damage with this build, otherwise you will be playing from behind.

You should try to lift your barracks into their main, and hide it in the fog of war. Immediately start a tech lab and when the ghost is halfway done, send the scv that built the barracks to the natural to build a bunker right next to their nexus/pylon. This will draw units and attention to the front of their base. Then you can run the ghost into their main mineral line and start killing probes. Hold off on cloaking immediately. Even when their stalker/zealot comes back to the main, you can take a few hits before turning on cloak. This allows you a little bit more time to kill probes, as well as giving you more energy to stay cloaked longer to be able to get away.

If Protoss doesn’t defend the initial ghost rush well, this can be an auto-loss for them, but as they get better in defending with shield batteries, it will usually not deal game-ending damage. As your expansion will be later, it is imperative that you do a followup attack. That’s why you absolutely have to get both ghosts out in time, so that you can have them start charging energy. By the time the first two cyclones are at their natural, you’ll have enough energy for 1-2 EMPs. This can instantly deplete the shield battery as well as damage the Protoss units’ shields enough to be able to push in and kill the Nexus at the natural expansion.

I asked DeMuslim about this on his stream (05/12/2017) and he said he really disliked the build, because protoss can just react correctly with shield battery in both mineral lines and it doesn’t work at all. Stalker will force cloak too soon and you don’t get enough out of the build.

Seems like this was an interesting experiment, but it honestly shouldn’t work.