Arkhaios – Radial

coverArkhaios published his original Radial EP on October 16th, 2012 . It contained tracks he made around 2009-2010. Cism – a netlabel  ”focusing on deep electronic music with dub mentality”, based in Smolensk, Russia – has picked up the original EP and given it a fancy new re-release including 3 remixes that were not included in the original.

Arkhaios says he intended ‘Radial’ “to be more immersive for the listener in that it’s more focused on the EP as a whole instead of each individual track.” The very deep, dub-like approach to each of the tracks makes sure he succeeds very well in this goal. Even the three included remixes blend in well, so one could easily be mistaken in thinking the entire EP is one drawn-out minimal set. Overall, the EP evolves from breathy, almost arctic ambient to a darker, deeper minimal dub techno. While there are no groundbreaking redefinitions of the genre, it uses enough of its crux elements to keep fans satisfied: subdued kicks that sound more like heartbeats, slow yet ever-evolving pads and high-frequency crackling conjure up an instant feel of a nightly polar expedition.

‘Surface’ is the most uptempo track of the release, while the title track ‘Radial’ defines the sound of the EP the most (as it also has two remixed versions included). The remixes are considerably longer than the original tracks, but the track length – of well  over ten minutes in some cases – never becomes a hindrance. At any rate, I don’t think fans of ambient or deep minimal techno would be bothered by that in the first place.

‘Radial’ does not reinvent the wheel, but it uses the existing one with enough style and grace to delight both fans of the genre as well as people that do not have too many hours of ambient or deep minimal techno under their belt. A solid release, and we shall be looking forward to more material from Arkhaios. Definitely follow him in Soundcloud and Facebook (the latter shows some nice behind-the-scenes work on his album artwork and sneak previews of more material).

Arkhaios – Radial


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