Learning to Draw 01: Basic shapes (and getting ahead of myself)

I’ve always loved to draw, but never received any formal training. Because I’m getting a bit more serious about improving my drawing skills, I started taking an online class. Rich Graysonn goes over the absolute basics that make up the fundamentals of drawing in How to Draw and Sketch for Beginners.

So far, I’m mainly doing lots of basic shapes exercises:

20180213 Pulling Lines20180213 Rectangles20180213 Squares20180213 Triangles

But then of course, I got a bit antsy and way ahead of myself. A good friend of mine made a series on house dust mites a couple of years back, and ever since seeing those I’ve wanted to do my own series on insects. I’ll gradually keep drawing insects throughout the course. I’m not unhappy with how the first beetle came out, but there’s always things to improve on. Hopefully I’ll be able to do so by the time I’m done with the course.

20180213 Beetle

SC2 Streamer Highlight: DeMusliM

DeMusliM largeBenjamin Baker, aka DeMusliM, aka The Devil Terran has been a part of SC2 since its inception. He was a staple in the earliest tournaments, but he’s been focusing on streaming more than tournament play for the last few years. He was recently picked up by team Wind and Rain, though, so maybe we might see him at more tournaments again?

His stream is super fun to watch, he’s often memeing around with his viewers and on more than one occasion I’ve seen him facetime other pros to have a beer together. Support Benjamin, drop by at the stream. You might even see him break out the ol’ sunglasses:

DeMusliM will be at IEM Katowice 2018, but he got paired with Stats in the first round. Here’s what he had to say about that: