The third assignment in my course on Unity game development was creating an Arkanoid clone. I feel like I learned a lot about a variety of topics, such as sprites, colliders, velocity, music, sound effects, gravity and simple physics. Click the screenshot below to play the game on Kongregate.


Bugs and features
Not long after publishing I noticed 2 bugs. The multiplier does not reset if you move from the game screen to the main menu and then start a new game. This can allow you to farm multiplier, quit to main menu and then start again to improve on the theoretical maximum high score. Game number 3 and there’s already cheats and exploits. Smh.
A bit more annoying is that the lives counter doesn’t grant you an extra life when you beat a level, making the game significantly harder to finish.

I would also like to add an options screen where you can change the volume for both music and sound effects. I’ll update this post once the game has been patched.

I’m amazed at how fast the scope of even such a simple game expands. There are 116 scripts, sprites, images, sounds etc in this project. Therefore I will no longer be providing the code. If you’re interested in having a look at the project or its code, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you a copy.

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