Simple Lamp Animation

I modeled and animated a simple lamp to learn about rigging and kinematics. Below you can see the complete process.

First I modeled a simple lamp, using both box modeling and bezier curves:

wip lamp wirewip lamp renderwip lightbulb materialsThe light bulb was also modeled through bezier curves. It was given a blackbody material to more realistically represent the colour tone of a light source when interacting with another surface (see the slightly warmer colour on the inside of the lamp)

wip lightbulb wirewip lightbulb renderI then rigged the entire lamp and constricted its movement to rotation around a single axis depending on the type of joint.

After the basic rig worked, adding reverse auto kinematics made all the bones in the rig respond when only a single one was being manipulated. This gave the whole rig a more realistic feel to it.

Next up was animating the scene:

I found the scene to be more dynamic once I also animated the camera:

After adding some simple textures I rendered the entire thing:

A simple 6 second animation at 720p 60fps still took well over 12 hours to render. I sincerely hope I will not have to render Full HD or 4K projects any time soon.

I’m glad I finally learned the basics of animation. I had been putting that off, but it’s really not that difficult to get a working rig.

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