SFV – Streamer Highlight: AMKIDD

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Where were you when AMKIDD became the first US Ryu to hit grandmaster league in SFV-AE? You can read about the achievement in this reddit post.

I went through some of his VODs and have started watching him stream and he is the perfect embodiment of both the street fighter mentality and his main character Ryu in particular (though not quite as boring as the latter). He doesn’t look for excuses anywhere, just works really hard and is always actively trying to improve on his game. On top of that he’s very entertaining, is great at commenting his play while he’s streaming and drops some dope rhymes on a regular basis. If you’re trying to learn the game (especially if you’re doing it on Ryu), he will serve as a great example of a player with priorities on improvement, not winning, resulting in an extraordinarily tough mental game.

Below you can find the VODs of his streams that led up to him hitting grandmaster:





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