SFV Streamer Highlight: Chris_H_Nguyen


While looking for a good Akuma stream, I stumbled upon Chris_H_Nguyen. He’s very relaxed, even when grinding ranked games. The fact that he’s playing the Ambition’s Lofi Hiphop Playlist certainly helps with that.

Chris continually engages with his viewers in discussions about tech, frame data and tests lots of things in training mode whenever it is mentioned in chat. He’s never worried about looking bad, but just focuses on improving. That’s why he actively invites viewers to correct him if he makes a wrong assumption somewhere.

I started watching Chris at the tail end of his climb through Ultra Diamond, and as of yesterday, he officially hit Master rank. He’s confident he can hit Grand Master soon, and I tend to agree, seeing as how he recently got 65th place at EVO Japan 2018. I’ll be there when it happens :)

Below you can find the last 4 streams before he hit Master league:




2018/02/12: (hits Master League at the very end of the stream)

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