Learning SFV:AE: Bronze to Super Bronze

Like I outlined in the previous post, I’m still on a practice regimen that consists of workouts from Joe Munday’s Gief’s Gym. I also follow Truen1ght’s ‘Tips for Players in Rookie, Bronze, and Silver‘:

Not much is going to change here, we’re just going to give you some better tools. a Medium and Crush Counter combo to help you out. You’ve probably got a reliance on sweep to punish things at a longer range. Let’s change that.

  • Refine your anti air and light combo from Rookie. Here’s how you practice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiE6DSZ8o0U
  • Learn 1 medium combo, something that you can use when you block a close range sweep for CR HP. For Akuma this would be : CR MP > ST MK xx L Tatsu > H Goshoryuken.
  • Learn 1 Crush Counter combo, something that you can use if you block a Shoryuken/Cannon Spike/Goshoryuken/Flash Kick/etc. For Akuma, a long range variation of this would be : CR HP > ST HP xx ST HP . A close range variation would be : CR HP > ST MK xx L Tatsu > H Goshoryuken

Your strategy is basically the same as rookie. Let the opponent take the risks, which will never pay off if you block, and then punish him for it.

What did I learn in Bronze League?
I slightly improved the consistency of my blocking and anti-airing, but it’s still a cut below many of the Super/Ultra Bronze players I meet. I might need to spend more time in casuals with my only goal being to block everything the opponent throws at me, in order to further improve my defense.

Because I played so many casuals vs Super Bronze players, I inadvertently added something from the Super Bronze ranked strategy: simple oki pressure. These players move up to a knocked down opponent and make them guess the 50-50 between a throw or a neutral jump into one of their damage options. This now makes up at least 30-50% of my damage per match.

I also added some tech: I now have 3 tools I can use to reliably dish out some damage:

  • Target combo 1: s.MP > s.HP > s.HK
  • Target combo 1 + extra MP: s.MP > s.MP > s.HP > s.HK
  • Medium Meaty: s.MP > c.HP > HP DP

All three of these can be done from a HP jump-in.

Some of my games in Bronze League:

Being absolutely dumpstered by a Super Bronze Guile:

Finding out that Dhalsim puts things on fire:

A game where blocking, anti-airing and simple oki pressure worked well:

The set that got me promoted to Super Bronze:

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